The whole universe will sing together in harmony for the first time

Music fans across the world has been waiting with bated breath for this melodic international hit song by BJ Sam featuring music stars from all the continents of the world. This is the first time the whole universe will sing together in harmony.

“You’re worthy Jesus” is a beautiful gospel classic with harmony that will grab you from the very first note and transport you into angelic atmosphere and as the tune progresses you will find all your anxiety relieved.
Singers on this beautiful song include Hollywood actress and Singer Maggie Scott, Australian music star Jessie Eilers, British Folksinger Paul Mirfin, Brazilian music star Catarina Rosa, famous Hong Kong actor and singer Zac Koo, Spanish songstress Rutty Rock, Italian maestro Marcello Ghio and the TieniViva Gospel Voices, Indian Songstress Krishna Priya, German Singer Glasmusik, Nigerian singer Richy Gold, Cameroonian songstress Akubai, Kenyan music star Benny Bizzoh, Lebanese Arabic singer Nadine Delyfer, American based singer Adaora, and Hong Kong-Korean singer Wayne Ip.

The song and the music video will be released officially on the 25th of October on all music digital stores.
Any moment from now, anywhere you find yourself across the globe you will either hear people singing the song or watching the music video.

For years, BJ Sam has been pouring all his imagination, creativity, and talent into the pursuit of creating music that will brings joy, melody and brilliance to the universe. According to him, he received the song in an heavenly vision in which he heard the angels signing and saying “You are worthy Jesus, to receive glory, honour and power”. Which is also found in Revelation 4:11.
His ability to smoothly crossover genres and switch between French and English has helped to shape his musical style for international appeal. BJ Sam came into the spotlight after the popular American film director Lloyd Kaufman, the co-founder of Troma entertainment, personally selected his song “Mon Amour” as the Soundtrack for the Hollywood movie titled “Heart of Fatness”.

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