The ZYG 808 Gives Love To Old School Hip-Hop with “PIONEERS”

In a genre like Hip-hop where the up and coming generation is notorious for disrespecting the veterans of the game, it is refreshing to find a young Hip-hop artist who not only took the time to shout out the pioneers of Hip-hop but connects the genre to preceding eras of Black arts in America.

In “PIONEERS”, the latest release from The ZYG 808 we find this 17-year-old MC and musician dropping such names as Kurtis Blow, Kidd Creole, and GrandWizard Theodore in the song’s intro and chorus alone. On February 16th, the young man celebrated the release of his single and music video online with a mini-presentation on the roots of Hip-Hop, which was also part of his high school senior seminar project and premiered his song and music video.

The ZYG 808 – “PIONEERS”

In the weeks preceding the release of the cut, The ZYG 808 gave us some insight to his production approach, including using his skills on real drops to rock the beat inspired by the Billy Squire country-rock classic, “Big Beat” which provided the backbeat for numerous old school hip-hop routines.
The ZYG 808 Talks About “The Making of PIONEERS” Single & Music Video

The ZYG 808 Talks About “The Making of PIONEERS” Single & Music Video

SOUL POETS Recording Artist & Producer, The ZYG 808 talks about what inspired the writing of the song “PIONEERS” and how he built the track by emulating a cl…

Last month, the talented young producer and rapper laced us with the bluntly presented “GLORY of HISTORY” where he considers the lack of true choice Black and Brown people ever get in presidential elections where the lesser of two evils is our only option.

So far, the plan is to drop a song a month from his forthcoming mixtape, “Beat Lounge Notes” which will be followed by content from his next album, “Preface”. Bringing a blend of old school, new school, jazz, boom-bap and a little bit of trap beat, glazed with lyrics that shift with ease between scathing social commentary, positive cultural reflection, and humorous musings… sometimes all in the same song.

A prolific music maker in the vein of the late Prince, and making the most of the COVID lockdown in 2020, and his apprenticeship as an audio engineer at Polyphonic Studios, The ZYG 808 has amassed quite a diverse collection of quality Hip-hop, elm, jazz, and world music. A senior in high school, he is completing his senior seminar project. The research portion relates (of course) to the music business and particularly “What makes a regional scene?” He researched the rise of punk and hip-hop in early 1970s New York, the Grunge scene in Seattle, and the various styles of hip-hop that popped up in the different regions of the United States. “Beat Lounge Notes” is the creative part of his project.

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Look out for his next release, “GYMNASTICS” coming soon.

The ZYG 808 – Producer | Musician | Recording Artist

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