They Had It Coming Is An Alt Rock Classic Inspired By Bond Films New and Old.

In a race to release while No Time To Die is hitting hard at the box office, Jason Brock aims at a target that is not an easy one to hit, but one that we’re all familiar with.

Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Bronson, Timothy Dalton, and Daniel Craig have all left their mark on a character that is both classic and controversial. So have musical artists like Paul McCartney, Jack White, and Chris Cornell. Now, in a bold and unofficial shot at hitting that target of timelessness, Jason Brock has released a new song that aims at the heart of a culturally controversial character. James Bond.

James Bond films have been with us since before some of us were born, and they have a very specific sound that carries through the Franchise history. It’s a sound that Brock aimed to capture with his fourth single release of the year “They Had It Coming.”

The hard hitting yet contemplative alt rocker is a four minute under the radar, unofficial, and quick on the draw debut from a new line up featuring Dana Harlow on Bass and Alpheus Underhill on drums.

“I love the old Bond films,” commented Brock, “for the production aesthetic and the outrageous over the top bravado of the James Bond character. It’s also what I’m jaw-dropped at. Watching all the films in a row really highlighted the times they were made in, and the subtle attempt to make James Bond less of a player and more of a contentiousness killer, if there is such a thing.” He continues, “The music is what attracted me to write my own. It’s a genre that has showcased the talents of such a wide range of artists like Duran Duran, Adele, Carly Simon and Nancy Sinatra among others.” He then said laughling, “I was up for the assignment, ready to rock for queen and country.”

Brock is joined by Dana Harlow and Alpheus Underhill, and the edge they add is sharp. But the tracks were recorded and then iced while other projects took priority. “Sometimes that happens,” says Harlow, “tracks have their own time and place, and when Jason hit me up and said its time, I was ready to pull the trigger and take it to the next level.”

Jason sent revised lyrics and melody tracks to Dana after he realized the new Bond film was being released in theaters across the globe. Dana quickly went to work on mixing and mastering for a shotgun release strategy that is still unfolding.

Does Bond have a moral compass? Orare we projecting our own morality on the character of a fictional killer that has entertained us for 50 plus years. Either way you look at it, as the song says, “They had it coming.”

Dana Harlow is an independent Bassist and Producer from Venice Beach and is a member of The Recording Academy. Jason and Dana have worked together on many projects throughout their careers.

Alpheus Underhill is an experienced drummer playing in the LA music scene for over 20 years. He has played with acts such as: Scar Culture (century media records), Society 1, Cirque Berzerk and The Mutaytor. Alpheus and Dana currently play together in the metal band Ulterran.

Jason Brock is a career musician and artist, currently serving on the Board of the Ventura Artists’ Union, and also serves as an administrator of Over his career he has recorded and released numerous records, working with Grammy award winning artists John Jones and Steve Ferrone, along with artist Emily Richards, and original bands Orangehand, Maximum R.O.A.C.H. and The Art City Monsters.

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Jason Brock

No Time To Die’s Inspired Indie Rock Single “They Had It Coming” Due for Expedited Release Ar the beginning of the year I wrote a song inspired by a James Bond Marathon where I watched all the 007 films in order. Then the song got put on ice until now.


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