Thursdays in Suburbia releases their highly anticipated, brand new EP, “The Self-Titled One.”

Thursdays in Suburbia releases their highly anticipated, brand new EP, “The Self-Titled One.”

Thursdays in Suburbia’s EP, The Self-Titled One, is the one fans have been waiting for.

LOS ANGELES, CA, Nov 15, 2019—Thursdays in Suburbia will release a new EP called 
The Self-Titled One, their most focused and energetic material yet. With an alternative vibe, 
the EP is a collection of five songs about relationships gone awry, secret worlds, bad blood 
and broken time.

The musicians—vocalist Serena Tario, guitarist Liam Eastwood, bassist Reece Borski, and drummer Johnny Shankel—are from Southern California. The band members create original music that has their own unique sound, unlike the bedroom pop that’s already out there. It’s unapologetic and definitely not your father’s punk rock.

Liam — Liam experiments with different styles of self-expression and admits that he likes writing music that doesn’t fit neatly into any one category. “Our style of music is meant to defy definition,” he says. “It’s defiant and meant to stand apart from the rest.”

Serena — Serena provides the voice that lures the listener from the depths of despair to the heights of frenetic frenzy. The centerpiece of the group, Serena brings a dramatic flair to the stage.

Reece — Reece plays bass with a funkadelic style that packs a potent punch. His blend of technique and skill along with his rich tones gives Thursdays in Suburbia its authentic style.

Johnny — “We don’t play it safe,” says Johnny who enjoys pushing boundaries. His ‘practice hard and play harder’ work ethic has driven him to develop precision stick work and earn his place on the stage.

Thursdays in Suburbia’s music draws from the members’ shared love for all things loud, fast, and intense. They perform across the L.A. basin and Inland Empire areas of Southern California and continue to rock the stages with their full-throttle, energy-infused sound.

Thursdays in Suburbia recently released their latest music video, Underworld, a journey into a secret world, which is featured in The Self-Titled One.

The Self-Titled One will be available on all music platforms and has been recorded, mixed and mastered by SoundVision Recording (Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Linkin Park) in Mesa, Arizona.

Instagram: @thursdaysinsuburbia

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Thursdays in Suburbia

We are a band based out of Southern California, nestled in the Inland Empire. We began in 2015, and a few twists and turns later we find ourselves writing, producing and performing our brand of music for the young and young at heart alike.