Tim Ryan O’Kane releases Chaos and Blue


Tim Ryan O’Kane releases Chaos and Blue
Artist: Tim-Ryan O’Kane – Chaos and Blue (CD Review)

by Sarah Scharnweber edited by Heather Savage

Chaos and Blue is the new EP from Tim-Ryan O’Kane. This album offers melodic tunes and comforting vocals that make the listener feel like they are at an intimate gathering with the artist, such as a small bar. The first track, Beautiful Bird, offers an airy tune and angelic vocals that pulls the listener along and leads them straight into the second track, Marmalade. This track offers a more toe-tapping sound and grittier vocals than the first, but still has the melodic sounds that seem to be the artist’s trademark. The third track, The Sum of It all, has more lounge-feeling sound and would be fitting in a darkened coffee shop or bookstore sitting area. The last track, called, All Things Change, is a moodier song with a sadness to it that seems to draw off of the lighter feeling to the earlier songs in the album. This song also takes advantage of the melodic vocals and the strong guitar work that the rest of the album highlights.

Overall, Chaos and Blue, is reminiscent of more modern work from Silverchair, or Jerry Cantrell and uses the same skill to draw the listener in and allow them to remove themselves from the world around them and immerse themselves in the musical experience.

Overall Score: 8/10

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