Tiny World explore complex folk-rock balladry

In their country/psych-tinged single “Walk on Water,” Tiny World explore complex folk-rock balladry with an easygoing attitude unfortunately not common in the genre these days, and despite some formulaic elements in the construction of the track, its melodies outshine many of the more talked-about sounds to come out of the mainstream in recent memory. “Walk on Water” is a deceptively simple single with a lot of cerebral faceting to be enjoyed if one just listens closely enough, and though it’s not the only indie track worth getting excited about this February, it’s definitely among my personal favorites to come from a rookie duo.

There’s definitely a lot of emphasis on the guitar parts in this mix, and you could certainly make the argument that the song is string-driven more than it is anything else. This isn’t to suggest that “Walk on Water” is somehow lacking on the lyrical front – far from it – but more to acknowledge just how important the color these guitars add to the track really is. There’s emotion coming at us from every angle here, but through the mighty whim of the strings, we’re given some context through which we can better understand what Tiny World are trying to say to us.

I would really love to hear a straight acoustic version of this single sometime. The harmonies act as a bedrock to the grooves, and were Tiny World to alter the cosmetic elements of the track but leave their supple textures right where they are here, I think “Walk on Water” would still sting with as much emotionality as it does in this present capacity. There’s a ton of versatility in the structure of this single, and if they wanted to, the band could absolutely transform this composition into a stadium-rocking anthem or a coffee shop-sized ballad at the snap of a finger.

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“Walk on Water” has excellent production value, but there’s nothing plasticized about the components comprising the heart and soul of its melodicism. I actually get the impression that it was important to Tiny World to keep things as raw and natural as possible in this track without sacrificing any of the warmth and tonality that makes their sound so unique and accessible to listeners. They’ve got a great blueprint for making infectious folk-rock music, and if they can refine it in just a couple of areas, they’ll be hard for even the toughest of competition to slow down.

A vibrant underground gem that doesn’t ask anything out of its audience in exchange for a wealth of harmonies you won’t soon forget, Tiny World’s “Walk on Water” is a must-listen for folk-rock fans everywhere this February, as is its parent album (the eponymous Tiny World). They’ve got a long way to go if their goal is to breakthrough to the mainstream, but in terms of creating a buzz-worthy indie treasure, they scored a slam dunk with this track. There’s a lot of amazing material coming from the left side of the dial this season, but if you haven’t heard “Walk on Water,” you haven’t checked out one of the smarter songs in contemporary indie music.

Clay Burton

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