TJ Doyle Releases New EP on September 30, 2021

TJ Doyle, a recording artist who has released 2 commercial albums; One True Thing (2009) and On The Horizon (2015), and 6 singles over the last 5 years, is now releasing a 5 song EP called “A Different View” on September 30th, 2021. Doyle has been writing and performing songs for many years, and started producing his music in the last few years. “A Different View” was produced by TJ Doyle, and showcases his vocal and guitars. Drummer David Raven, and Bassist(s) Reggie McBride, and Lance Morrison, and Keyboardist Phil Parlapiano round out his recording band. Here is a link to hear Doyle’s new music – “A Different View”.

TJ Doyle, Official Music Site

Fans describe TJ’s modern rock sound as having an authenticity harkening back to the 60’s when artists were writing about life and the challenges of a generation instead of the more personal and relationship-oriented pop and rock music that currently dominates the airwaves.


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A Singer/Songwriter Recording Artists that writes about Nature, and the nature of humanity. I have always wanted to help people understand who they are and what their potential is.