Tommy Botz and the single “Teddy Bear”


So much can be said about Tommy Botz and the single “Teddy Bear,” that it could take up a small storybook. It’s not just a heartfelt country tune, it’s a seriously fantastic song by an artist with a past he’s not trying to hide, but to rather heal from. And at the end of the day it just doesn’t get any better, more interesting or enjoyable to listen to something this deep. But to get that far you have-to look down the long road of Tommy Botz to really know where he’s coming from, then it’s very easy to be all-the more inspired by this lovely arranged music and lyrics.

“Teddy Bear” is quite the mesmerizing throwback when you take both the song and the story in, it doesn’t matter which order you do that, but it will help the meaning cut through. Tommy Botz has lead an interesting but rough life which comes with a couple of hundred songs to show for, of which this new single comes from his EP release, entitled The Music Of Tommy Botz. The story leading up to this track can be found in his bio, but it also must be mentioned to keep the interest of anyone who hears it before they know what there is to know about the artist.

It starts for the most part in prison and comes full circle on this release, so it goes back some years to start with when he was locked up. If you look back on the situation, he was incarcerated and subsequently went on the road to recovery and is now doing what he loves most on a full- time basis. “Teddy Bear” comes to light with female vocalist, Logan Wells giving an extraordinary effort to sing this colossal song with nothing but hit single written all over it, especially if you listen to classic country music stations that still play contemporary country. It fits right in where others attempt and fail at the same genre.

This might be a song for the older generation, but that’s not so if you’re looking to learn anything out of four minutes worth partaking in. You’ll be enormously satisfied by it on every level, if you get those four minutes, not to mention the thirty-four seconds on top of it. But the targets all get hit right in the bullseye if you appreciate country music done properly. The vocals of Logan Wells are embellished by a little girl’s voice which pertains to the storyline of the song. The story of Tommy Botz does the rest of the business.

You can hear the pain and sorrow, but also be uplifted by the utmost excellence of the musical backing on this, it’s all done in world class fashion with faith to the original style, like that of Patsy Cline and others. This isn’t your ordinary country song either, it has everything from that to gospel, blues, soul and even a touch of rock guitar. If only more country artists today were following this approach to bring classic and modern country together, it would bring music of this wholesome quality back around where it belongs.


Clay Burton