Trevor Drury Releases Emotional New Music Video

Trevor Drury Releases Emotional New Music Video

Model turned singer-songwriter Trevor Drury’s new music video gives listeners a view into the mind of this emotional and nuanced pop fusion artist.

‘Chapter 4’ is an honest and frank depiction of heartbreak that showcases Drury’s talent for telling stories and evoking emotion. Focused on the idea of one chapter closing and another one opening, Drury captures the sadness and bittersweet nature of this eventuality. “This chapter’s closing, it’s closing but it’s been my favorite book I read in a while” he sings, and his smooth and pensive vocals bring the earnest lyrics to life.

The music video, with its thoughtful lingering shots, and sections of contemporary dance works to develop the sentiments of the lyrics and as such, by the end of the video, the emotions are felt as much as they are heard. Drury’s performance is mesmeric, and you can feel his reluctance to leave the relationship even though the lyrics assert that it is the right time for the chapter to ‘end’.

The video shows us as viewers that sometimes the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do, and only by following through with heart-breaking decisions can we move forward to new phases in our lives. Only then can we move onto bigger and better things without our past precluding us from doing this.

Overall, ‘Chapter 4’ is a musical offering that showcases Drury’s sensitivities and talents as a musician and a lyricist. Smooth in its sound and relatable in its message, ‘Chapter 4’ details a classic coming of age experience in a fresh and new way. Check out the brand new music video on YouTube and head to his website to find out more about this exciting new artist.

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