Troy Underwood releases new book entitled “How to Launch Your Side Hustle”

How to Launch Your Side Hustle by Troy Underwood begins with the author recalling how he learned the value of business oriented creativity at an early age. It is easy to understand, after reading this brief section, how Underwood later came to experience immense success pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams when he re-imagined the tedious and labor-intensive method of documenting vehicle titles. Underwood saw a future where digitizing vehicle titles would revolutionize the process and overcame numerous obstacles, such as varying state laws for example, to make that possible. The results brought him great satisfaction and made him a very wealthy man.


His book aims to direct readers about how they can accomplish the same feat. He makes some early distinctions. There are sharp differences between entrepreneurs and business owners. Business owners, more often than not, take an existing “value chain”, and simply implement it in their own business hoping to reap rewards. He uses an obvious comparison, the traditional bookstore as opposed to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, to reinforce the point. Entrepreneurs, however, exert a transformative effect over existing value chains and revamp existing playing fields in a way that disrupts the status quo.


The book’s ten chapters take readers through an assortment of topics relevant to this experience. Underwood makes it clear the areas covered in each of these chapters address essential areas of the entrepreneurial experience. He does it in a way that even novice readers can understand, but what value you take away from the text ultimately depends on your own innate skillset and intelligence. His clarity, nonetheless, is critical to the book’s ultimate success. He never writes in a high flown or inaccessible style and the direct manner of his address invites a wide swath of readers to share in the experience of his book.

Underwood never seems cocky. He has experience with what works for him and his aim, from the first, reads as if he wants to share what he has learned with the readers. He draws from the business world further than the aforementioned example of Jeff Bezos to illustrate further the wisdom of his observations and further reinforces his insights with secondary sources strengthening his conclusions. It is not a scholarly work, however, though it certainly has an instructive quality from the outset. Underwood has an easy going demeanor, affable, and seems eager to share what he has learned.


How to Launch Your Side Hustle is a bit of a misleading title; it makes it sound like something light, something you can set forth on as a sideline to your main endeavor. The book’s contents, however, inspire readers to reach for something much higher and grander. Troy Underwood has laid out a vision of possibility in remarkably few pages for all dreamers to follow if they are willing to sacrifice, keep the faith, and apply themselves towards their goals in the proper way. There are few books like this available today and it will likely remain a touchstone for aspiring entrepreneurs for many years to come.

Clay Burton