Twin Space Mission Themed Techno SINGLE RELEASE – Cassini Arbitronic & Hayabusa2 G Rover

Twin Space Mission Themed Techno SINGLE RELEASE – Cassini Arbitronic & Hayabusa2 G Rover


Christos Hatjoullis – aka OUTERGROUND launches twin techno single release as a taster of a new Eclectronic musical slate

Shroomstudio Co-founder & prolific Cross Platform Creative Director Producer OUTERGROUND is on a T-minus countdown, preparing for the launch of a sonic mission to outer space with an 8th March twin digital release of two new techno inspired tracks with a distinctly astronomical theme.

2019 sees Outerground return full time to music after producing sheer tons of moving image projects at the pioneering East London based studio in Hackney. Ahead of an EP and forthcoming album, this twin release ventures into far flung orbits in search of the signature of life. Appealing to scientific minded minimalist techno gadgeteers and harmonic house fans the carefully blended mothership sound incorporates heavy elements of glitch; digital gremlins and space ghosts in the machine.

Hayabusa2; a follow up mission to study land and capture asteroid particles – an amazing feat of ingenuity by J.A.X.A with G-Rovers using the ability to hop around in low Gravity without wheels. This distinctly machine aesthetic track lifts off into space in search of the early solar system & holy grail of organic molecules, along it’s way experiencing the glitch inducing interference of cosmic rays, slingshot delay and pulsing basslines warmed by the craft’s ION thrusters. Length 05.02 BPM 122 – ISRC GBMA21936087

The Cassini-Huygens mission brought back new amazing insights into the solar system and along with it, totallly new and incredible views and sounds of Saturn. Flybys of the iconic ice rings and the vast ecosystem of planet moons inspire this space trip across billions of kilometres with lush filtered chords and epic space bass, meandering through the landscape of Titan and mapping Saturn’s enigmatic magnetosphere on giant elliptical orbits.
Length 07.33 BPM 130 – ISRC GBMA21936327

distributed by DITTO MUSIC available at all good record stores


Christos Richard Hatjoullis, a.k.a OUTERGROUND; Co-founder & Creative Director at in Hackney, East London. Producer, poet, artist, filmmaker and Rebel Alliance Dad, Christos has produced live video installations & stage design tour visuals for many artists including PINK, U2, The Rolling Stones, QTip, Candy Lo and has designed live performance, installation work for events and galleries including the V&A.