Twizm Whyte Piece : Holiday Wishes by Eileen Shapiro

Rising Canadian based, multi award-winning Rap artist Twizm Whyte Piece has released his awaited holiday song “Merry Christmas.” With 5 kids and long-time wife, Twizm left the drug ridden and gunshot streets to pursue his dream, and keep his family safe.

The CEP of the popular radio station Fat Cat Radio wishes the world holiday cheer and best wishes for a fantastic New Year

Will Santa be visiting Twizm in this year?

LOl I Could Only Hope So … I Would Much Rather be the Santa Than have The Santa visit ME Lol.

Looking back on the year what was your biggest triumph, most embarrassing moment, biggest challenge, most fun?

Biggest Triumph Has been being Able To Still be performing, Shows 163 And 164 I Really Didn’t Know Were going to happen.

Most Embarrassing Moments Had To be Thinking I Was Going To be On A collaboration Track With Bizzy Bone . OOPS!

Biggest Challenge Is trying to stay level-headed in a world full of ignorance.

Most Fun has been getting to know Jimmy Star, Eileen Shapiro and the gorgeous Ron Russell and spending time with them on the #1 Webshow in the world, The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell.

How will you be celebrating New Year’s Eve?

If not performing for millions ( Lol ) then hopefully drunk in the arms of my wife, knowing my kids are safe and satisfied.

Any New Year’s resolutions?

To finally achieve Superstar Status, perform regularly and collaborate with several iconic hip-hop artists.

Tell us about the Christmas song you’ve just released?

Oh My goodness, how many of us go to holiday parades and / or remember a great memory from a parade At Christmas Time.
Basically, I Took my
family to a Christmas parade and it was so much fun I decided to make a Christmas song out of it. It’s full of everything we saw and the Spirit Of Christmas and I hope everyone can relate.

What can we be looking forward to on 2020 and beyond?

More music, already working on an album called “2020 Vision,”
more music videos and more effort to Achieve Superstar Status…. lots of people needing help In the world, I would love to start helping them.

Thank You To World Star PR, Eileen Shapiro, Dr Jimmy Star and my Manager Bruce Glasgow for setting upp this interview and for constantly making me look good,
to Mike Neely for his work and friendship, and to the wonderful TwpNation Fans who believe when others doubt.

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Twizm Whyte Piece is moving mountains amidst the meaningless masses.

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