Ulrich Ellison And Tribe

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Media Type: CD (Physical Disc)

GTIN: 612608036635

One night, one set. This album captures the raw essence of Ulrich Ellison’s
music. When arriving in Austin TX in 2007 with nothing more than a few
suitcases and guitars, the Ellisons had no idea that within the next ten years
they would become a headlining act at Ausin’s most prestigious clubs and start
an international touring career. Every journey begins somewhere. An early step
was taken 2008, when Ulrich and Sabine played their first ever show together
under their own name, at the “Heart Of Texas” Blues Challenge. After paying dues
in hundreds of venues all across Texas, it was decided to try the first US tour, then the
first EU Tour. Step by step, album by album, the Tribe grew both musically and in size.
Now, with 6 studio albums under the belt, this first official live album shows where this
band’s real strength lies – performing in front of an audience, connecting and sharing a message. Expanded by the soulful gospel singers Sheree Smith and Angela Miller, the Tribe’s soun

Link: ulrichellison.com