Unisoul Records Worldwide Presents Quentin Antonio Mack’s ‘With U’

Unisoul Records Worldwide Presents Quentin Antonio Mack’s ‘With U’

When it comes to bringing you an unexpected musical journey, look no further than Quentin Antonio Mack’s latest release, ‘With U.’

While Quentin Antonio Mack’s ‘With U’ is R&B at its core, there is no denying that it provides listeners with so much more. A man with enough tricks up his sleeve to carry a magician’s hat, he delivers a myriad of eclectic sounds. There is a heavy dose of passion on songs like the title track “With U.” Which is reminiscent of the late, great Prince. What Antonio also does is bring the rock, and he brings it hard throughout the record. There is no shortage of impressive feats throughout this record that fans of pure R&B with a twist will love.

Originally hailing from Athens, Georgia, Quentin Antonio Mack spent his early years engulfed in music. After serving in the United States Air Force as an electronics engineer, Quentin Antonio Mack began the musical journey performing with live bands touring throughout the country and worldwide in military club bases with fellow troops while serving the country.

After his discharge, he began writing and recording music in 1990 with well over 100+ songs in format. Influences ranging
everything from Aretha Franklin’s booming soul to George Clinton’s funk to Nirvana’s grunge-inspired him to do what he does today as a one-man-band. With that, he can proudly boast that as a multi-instrumentalist there isn’t much he cannot do himself when it comes to composing and creating his music that features an array of styles, elements, and fusions – as found on ‘With U.’

Those interested in adding new R&B to their playlists, reviewing ‘With U,’ or interviewing Quentin Antonio Mack for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below.

For more music and information on Quentin Antonio Mack, please visit: Quentin-Antonio-Mack.com


Quentin Antonio Mack is proud to present his latest release, ‘With U,’ into the R&B landscape.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Quentin.a.mack
Twitter: twitter.com/quentin51815191
Instagram: www.instagram.com/mackquentin
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/1wUzb02EOitnQKSn41cjZy?si=ltT5u8oARi-sLGko_ARGGQ

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