Up And Coming Cinematographer Sergio Tavarez

Who is Sergio Tavarez?

Sergio Tavarez is a creator and cinematographer from Washington Heights, 22.

What got you started with your craft?

Sergio has always had a love for movies and a deep interest in films. It was beyond watching movies for entertainment for Sergio. He would analyze how things were shot and how every director had a specific style to their films. What finally made him make his first purchase of a camera was from one of his close friends “Danilo Concepcion” forming a music and creative group. In that group everyone had a unique skill and or interest and Sergio’s interest was photography. That worked perfectly with Danilo being a music artist and needing a photographer, and worked perfectly for Sergio because now he would have unlimited content.

Any goals you want to achieve this year?

For the remaining of 2021 and the upcoming year, he would like to work on his first ever short film project which he has been writing since the beginning of 2020. As well, he would like to continue to assist Danilo on his music being that have had recent success working together.

What struggles do you go through? How do you overcome them?

Trying to find new and creative ideas. Sometimes when having writers block, it is difficult to work as you’re in a loophole trying to find ways to bring content. What had helped him overcome that was just taking it day by day and writing down things he has done and things he wishes to work on, whether that be learning more about the craft or finding new places for content. It’s all about having fun doing what you love and not seeing things as a competition.