Upcoming Album / Single. From an Upcoming Artist.

Upcoming Album / Single. From an Upcoming Artist.

Artist: Stew Fisher
Album: The Artistic Spectrum
Single: Different Trains to the Station.

An unknown newcomer on the Electronic music scene but dreams of being known very soon. Stew Fisher has produced an album to reflect living with autism.

This album has also been producing, is to. help others like him though a charity that supports people with high functioning autism which is a condition that can be overlooked because it seems to look like they can cope with everyday life however deep down they are struggling like with anyone else who has a disability. The charity Kingwood Trust will receive 50% of the album sales.

Stew Describes the single as follows:

“Different Trains to the station describe how I think differently from the mainstream, which is a sign of autism. But this can be a positive thing to overcome problems by looking at it from a different angle. It is a very good skill in the world of troubleshooting. Coming from in an IT background and worked in IT. I have solved many a problem by going by a “Different Train” of thought.”

The song starts off with background noise of a busy train station to set the mood and takes the listener on the journey into how Stew’s mind works with classic electronic music sounds.

The single is to be officially released 7th December 2018. The album will be released 14th January 2019 on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon et al.

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