We Are Messengers heal with new release ‘Come What May’

We Are Messengers are at the height of everyone’s attention as they release their latest Christian pop power single ‘Come What May’. The group of Irish-Americans have been creating and playing robustious, soulful pop since their debut album back in 2016. Since their incipience the band has amassed over 185 million on-demand streams and boasts six Top 5 and ten Top 10 Christian Airplay hits.

‘Come What May’ comes straight off of their latest 12 track studio album ‘Wholehearted’. Opening up as a gentle reminder that the struggles this world throws at us are there to remind us of the love and happiness that follows. But it doesn’t take long before the wall of sonic vigour kicks in. With its central focus on the love for their god and the tests that are planned for us. ‘Come What May’ builds into an anthemic force of sanguinity, filled with huge propelling drums, overdriven guitars, and an unshakable lyricism.

“In the past year, we’ve all collectively been forced to concede that, despite our illusions and devises, we do not get to control the world around us” shares frontman Darren Mulligan. “‘Come What May’ is a song that not only acknowledges this reality, but revels in the fact that we have a God that loves us and is worthy of our faith, hope, and trust no matter what circumstances we are facing. It’s a celebration of freedom of not having to fabricate a false reality to ourselves and those around us and a declaration of the goodness of God.”

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