“We Rise” (SINGLE) by Luanne Hunt

Keep your eyes on the prize, keep your eyes on the sky. Singer/songwriter Luanne Hunt’s newest single “We Rise” is a great reminder to never lose sight in what matters, and that with a simple mantra, the glass is always full. It’s perspective, after all, right?

I don’t think Hunt, who lives in Las Vegas, wrote “We Rise” about the music business, but this longtime indie musician certainly has the perspective to sing “when we feel like giving up” in her lyrics. “We Rise” is not a country song, per se, but it’s enriched with Hunt’s naturally empathic vocals. Over 20 years of being a successful, independent musician, Hunt has certainly experienced times where she wanted to through in the towel. Even so, she has the wins in her win versus loss columns.

Her song “Solace In The Wind” nabbed the No. 1 spot on European Country Music Association’s Belgian Chart in 2010. “Christmas Without You” also claimed the No. 1 position on the European Country Music Association’s chart in France, Denmark and Austria. She’s a member of the Independent Superstars Country Music Hall of Fame and a four-time American Songwriting Awards winner.

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Chart-topping and award-winning indie recording artist Luanne Hunt offers her latest single, “We Rise,” offering a hopeful and inspirational message during t…

“We Rise” has a very strong piano presence. The keys are gorgeous. If this were an instrumental song, it would be still be outstanding. It felt like a blanket coming out of the dryer. If it were a smell, the piano in “We Rise” would be a clean sheet on the laundry line outside. Snug and smelling of a hint of jasmine. Next to the piano is a bashful acoustic guitar. It’s there, but you have to really close your eyes and isolate the sound. As I listed to the two instruments working together, it brought back fond memories of songs that have the piano working in tandem, or even songs like R.E.M.’s “Night Swimming” that rely on piano and a violin.

Hunt’s voice is higher sounding, she really seems to sing from her gut the most during the chorus (“we rise”). The line “soar on the wings of a dove” gave literal visions, but it also made me think of her own career path. She’s aligned herself with good people, with good management. She’s also soaring on her own personal strength. She sings “our eyes on the prize” and that also gave me this feeling she was talking about success, about reaching her songs to as many people as possible. It could also mean that real happiness and real success comes with gratitude. She’s alive, she’s healthy and she’s living her dream. In the year 2020, especially no one can take anything for granted anymore. Just about the end of the song, she incorporates other voices, both men and women, giving their idea of how they rise, or how they have risen up in their lives. This was a bit unexpected and interesting, nonetheless.

“We Rise” is an easy song to like with an irresistible chorus. Luanne Hunt continues to add to her impressive music career, crossing over into Christian contemporary and adult contemporary genres. Something tells me she still has many more songs on their way.

Clay Burton

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