When Ugly People Made Good Music – Jeremy Thornton

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Webpage: www.jeremythorntonmusic.com
Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Description: The perfect blend of pop, rock, and soul
Biography: Jeremy Thornton’s new album (When Ugly People Made Good Music) is a perfect blend of rock, pop, and soul. It provides the listener with a taste of all types of genres of music so the palette is fully satisfied. You will find yourself grooving all the way through the whole Album. Every song has a different feel and the one thing that keeps it continuous is that all of the songs are great.

Jeremy Thornton was born and raised in Chicago where he began his music career as a Hip Hop artist at a very young age. Being a free spirit led Jeremy to translate his love of writing into poetry and poetry into music. He performed in many venues around the Illinois area that gave him the opportunity to develop his own unique style of writing as well as experiment with various soundscapes. His passion led Jeremy to move to Atlanta, Georgia where he began working on an underground album self titled “Stil True”, which is now a classic. Undeniably talented; Jeremy soon caught the attention of a lot of up and coming producers like Billy Hume and Chris Vermillion. He was soon asked to collaborate on the underground classic album titled “Full Contact Sports”; which turned out to be a stepping stone for artist such as Bonecrusher (Arista), Lil Jon (TVT), and The Lyrical Giants (Tommy Boy). Not stopping his stride, Jeremy worked on the project “Dare to Travel Upon the Track Less Followed: An Exploration in Hip-Hop”; a compilation featuring some of the South’s hottest artist.

Multi-talented by nature; Jeremy has now taken his music to yet another level by delving into soul, pop and rock. Knowing that the piano is the foundation of all instruments; Jeremy taught himself to play so that he could express his love for music through any form and instrument. Being a professional musician; Jeremy’s live show is top notch and only includes quality musicians. Jeremy is getting ready to carry you on an adventure of different styles that takes you from one spectrum of the music realm to the other.

” Jeremy Thornton is poised to make the next major splash as a Black soul/rocker. ”
– Vasco Bridges, SIR Magazine (Aug 23, 2008)

“Jeremy Thornton “No Fear” – reminds me of old school Maxwell. ”
– The Mix Tape Monster Blog

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