XYLEYA Release New Single and Music Video, “BI-COASTAL”

HESPERIA, CA — Xyleya brings a colorful, esoteric sound to fans with the release of his new single, Bi-Coastal, and accompanying music video. Described as alternative rock with a satisfying dose of ambient sounds, ethereal vocals and intricate beats, Bi-Coastal reveals incredible emotional depth that reaches straight to the soul.

Bi-Coastal juxtaposes east vs west polarities and speaks about the internal conflicts we struggle with. It contrasts elements of brilliant but erratic east coast dynamics with the languid, sultry vibes of the west coast, rolling it all into a musical composition worthy of a movie soundtrack.

The song and music video tell the story of a musician’s journey as he sets out on a quest to peel away the layers of his inner psyche. “Bi-Coastal is about disconnecting and losing touch with yourself,” said Xyleya. “I was writing it around the time I was traveling back and forth from California to Massachusetts for school. Southern California and Boston are so culturally different from one another that every time I’d come home or go back to school I had a hard time trying to ‘fit back in’. I felt as if I was forcing myself to be two very different kinds of people instead of being who I actually am.”

The video is infused with multi-dimensional imagery and rich symbolism which shake up the status quo. Xyleya drew inspiration for the music video from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. As both a visual artist and musical artist, he combines the world of art with his world of music to go beyond what others are doing to paint his story.

“The work is visionary,” says drummer Johnny Shankel. “Bi-Coastal will show you something that relates directly to your own life. It’s layered. And it’s transformational.”

The musicians

Xyleya (producer, composer, guitarist and vocalist) was born in California and raised in a Filipino/Polynesian household rich with cultural influences that have carried over into his music. His first instrument was the ukulele which he played at age 7 but soon added the viola, orchestra bass, and various electronic string instruments to his skillset. Music was a way of life which offered Xyleya a creative outlet for self expression. Xyleya went on to develop his skills as a musician at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where he learned from greats such as Darren Barrett, film score artist Claes Nystrom, and guitarist Robin Stone. Currently based in Southern California, Xyleya’s music is influenced by AWOLNATION, Muse and System Of A Down, and reflects the current era of sound where genres blend and instruments serve as textures.

Johnny Shankel (drummer) is a Phoenix-born, California-based drummer known for his in-your-face personality on and off the stage. He brings a distinctive voice to the drum set, adding his authentic style to Bi-Coastal. He started playing drums at 13, not expecting to find something that would become his biggest passion. Shankel attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood and before the pandemic, gigged with alternative rock bands throughout southern California. His diversified styles and work ethic have driven him to command an intricate and focused sound in the rhythm section. @johnnyshankel

Coby Hatfield (bassist), was born and raised in southern California where his love of music inspired him to pick up a bass guitar and play. With six years experience under his belt, Hatfield brings rhythmic, yet melodic, low-end resonance to Bi-Coastal. He also enjoys songwriting and likes to push the boundaries of music with exploratory and experimental sounds. @coby.hatfield

Lauren Bailor (vocalist, keyboardist) was born in Colorado and raised in the heart of Texas surrounded by music and the stage. As a young child, Bailor’s singing set her apart from her peers and by the time she entered high school, found herself immersed in the world of theater and musicals. But as a young adult, her journey reached a crossroads when her passion for songwriting and singing superseded everything else. Bailor is currently writing songs and creating music as an independent artist while working towards a degree in Music Business at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. @warped.laur

Xyleya recently released the single and music video Shady in August 2020, the precursor to Bi-Coastal.

Bi-Coastal will be available on all music platforms and has been recorded by AudioFool Productions and mixed by Flower Box Records in Hesperia, California.
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