"Yesno" by Juna – Post-Rock Genre CD

Sophisticated instrumentation and songcraft that will please fans of Radiohead combined with existentialist lyrics reminiscent of early Leonard Cohen. 

Juna is the solo project of John Morgan, fueled by the breakup of the band Simple Machines, an underground three piece from Morgantown, WV.

“Yesno”, Juna’s debut release, was written by Morgan over six years between 2001 and 2006, and took one year to record afterwards. The process was hindered by a noisy living room recording space shared with former Simple Machines members. Reluctantly dubbed a concept record , “Yesno” is comprised of songs that are meant to cohere musically and lyrically. The lyrics spin a tragic narrative that represent the eternal strife that accompanies the human condition. The title represents the synthesis or joining

of two opposing forces, that create a third, different force: Yes + No = “Yesno.”

At the heart of the album’s instrumentation is the Rhodes Piano, a cult-status instrument that is not widely used as a primary element in composition. A wide variety of other instruments embellish the mix including drums, shakers, synth, electric guitar, electric bass, cello, autoharp, bells and ample vocal harmonies. 

Available on www.junamusic.net, CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes

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