Webpage: www.ylotana.com
Location: London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Description: Ylotana is a multimedia project that utilizes sight as well as sound. Ylotana is a harmonious blend of music, art and writing that propels five 5 unique projects and incorporates all of the aforementioned disciplines into a coheren whole.
Biography: Ylotana project is Born Fusing Music, Visual Art and Literature for an Otherworldly Adventure in Technical Splendor
Anatoly Podkopov, the ideological inspirer of the project states “YLOTANA project was born in the consciousness of people, who are infinitely devoted to art. It represents a certain musical, literary and visual art symbiosis. Actors, musicians, sound engineers, designers and various other artists, who have every right to be considered as some of the best in the field of the modern experimental art have gathered together and with the help of state-of-the-art technology will take contemporary music and art to a whole new level.”

The end product consists of a multimedia package which includes elements of: a music album, a comic book, a story and an audio book all masterfully combined so that each element intensifies the depth of the other art forms involved.

Anatoly Podkopov, who not only creates music, but also sculpts the enhancing stories that accompany Ylotana music, conceived Ylotana project many years ago. Podkopov founded the project in 2006 along with Oleg Burobin, lyricist extraordinaire, exceptional composer, accomplished multi instrumentalist and expert bass player. The duo recruited a team of composers and artistic talents to set the project in motion. Ylotana project composers and artists currently gather to create in the Strongroom Studios in London.

Ylotana currently has five ongoing projects, all of which can be experienced online at the project’s website: www.ylotana.com. The group has signed a contract with Universal Studios, who will be aiding in digital distribution of the existing projects. As of now, Ylotana’s music albums are being sold in over 250 online stores in 20 countries. All in all Ylotana has over 60 music tracks.

In addition, Ylotana has launched a blog about new ways to view music and visual art. With the use of this blog, Ylotana project hopes to increase awareness about the importance of music and art and to inspire an organic creative process free from commercial forces. They hope to do this by changing the way multimedia art is created, presented and perceived.

You can learn more about Ylotana project by visiting their Web site at www.ylotana.com

Ylotana Project – My Little God
More than just a band, the Ylotana Project promises to transport spectators to another dimension where sound, visuals and stories explode through creative expression into a powerful 4-dimensional experience.

The emotional story telling explores the morals of our modern society as they reflect on numerous aspects of human existence. And the visuals in the form of comics supported by a subjective and contemporaneous music soundtrack provide the framework within which this 4D representation can exist and evolve. The idea is to create something visionary and precise, magnetic and real, raw and untamed, something that doesn’t just entertain people, but also emotionally and spiritually feeds them.

Anatoly Podkopov, the ideological inspirer of the project, does not only conduct the music, but also sculpts the stories, recruiting exceptional talents from around the globe such as Oleg Burobin, exceptional composer, lyricist and accomplished multi instrumentalist who he worked with on this first offering.
My Little God is the first product to be released taken from Ylotana’s 5 part project which can be experienced online at: www.ylotana.com (samples only). The 4D multimedia package includes Music, Visual Art and Literature, packaged in a beautifully crafted double CD and book digipack and Digital bundle. The physical product is currently available in the Russian Federation and will be released worldwide as a digital bundle on Itunes and other key online music retailers on the 8th June 2009.

You can learn more about Ylotana Project by visiting their Web site at www.ylotana.com

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