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You Know Who You Are – by Ryan Chernin


You Know Who You Are – by Ryan Chernin, is the culmination of a year’s worth of work in and out of the studio, a sultry collection of songs about life, love, and loss. It involved doing the right things and getting with the right people which includes producer John Eugenio, mixer Chris Davies, and guitarist Jared Scharff. Chrenin, himself, lets his humor come out and his wit be known in every song, including the darker and more storytelling moments. Chernin showed an inclination for music at a young age and it still burns inside him to this day, which said culmination has resulted in a stellar debut outing.

“Accessories” opens with a gigantic song that comes in third or fourth to every one of these twelve slices of pure ear candy. This is one of the tracks Chernin released as a video single with two others to mention, in late February of this year. You can look the video up, but it is the track itself that is in question, and what a terrific song he wrote and delivered with no punches pulled. The track is explicit language but still included that way on the video, so pulling no punches is something you can rely on from Chernin. Like the result or not, it’s where he lets it all hang out and the honesty do the rest.

“The Song Song” is another explicit track, albeit much less so, and another song to pay close attention to the lyrics of, or this one isn’t so easily comprehended from the title to the subject matter. But once you get into it, the track makes all the sense in the world and goes down an absolute album favorite. It’s all in the way that they use it and everything they’re working with, including on the production side which a lot of value in this album can be credited for. It helps the nest two tracks, “Look Right” and “Face Time” weave their own spells which they do so well as the two most understated tracks.

There’s so much to describe about these songs it’s laborious to think about, but it’s hard to just let the music do the talking without some of the stories taking over and showing the meaning ‘s equal importance on them all. “The Ballad Of Bo (The Stormchaser)” is a gleaming example of that with its cool storyline. So is “Dangerous Game (feat Evelyn Horan)” but with a different twist being the duet with Horan who brings a soothing touch to the album on the songs she appears on. Horan and Bekon’s presence on this album are something you cannot miss, as they help seal the deal.

Some other moments include the extremely good “Ash Tray Kisses,” which is another previously released track with a video, and the very enjoyable “Locomotion” which comes as a nice surprise toward the end. But the album’s biggest track of all is the blues-oriented ballad “Quasi” with the guitar going way over the top to showcase Saturday Night Live’s, Jered Scharff’s splendid talent. This isn’t just some kind of pedestrian effort, it’s one hundred percent epic and the album’s crowning achievement in every department. It makes the rest flow like gravy and taste like it too.


Clay Burton

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