“You’re My Little Cowgirl” by Dudley Allen

An amp’d up Americana-esque guitar and a voice that could serenade anyone listening, the delightful song “You’re My Little Cowgirl” from Dudley Allen is one smooth ride. This charmer of a song is yet another feather in the cap of Allen’s growing song arsenal. The frequent collaborate with his sister, singer Kim, Allen is the epitome of a singer/songwriter that speaks softly and carries a big stick. To marinate and wade in the waters of his voice, laced with the gripping and almost scratchy electric guitar riffs, it’s easy to see why one would want to stay for a while in Allen’s company.

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“You’re My Little Cowgirl” might at first feel like a more rocking, boot-scootin’ ditty. After the first listen, it embeds itself into the listener with a more loving, romantic tone. As he adores this special woman from afar, singing I put the whole world at your feet, the endearing vocals sway the listener even more into Allen’s corner and character. He’s quite engaging. Allen’s voice transported me to a simpler time, that cozy place in the heart saved for the most beloved. You’re my cowgirl, you mean everything to me, you’re my little cowgirl, he sings in the closing lines. His voice has whispers of the past, but has several steps forward into modern country.

In the music bed, Allen explores steel guitar tones (Allen’s a well-known pedal guitar player). I’m not entirely sure that the song utilizes the steel guitar, but the timbre in the guitar, the evolving sound is fiercer, more striking than an acoustic guitar. The drums, equally bold, stretch a nice rhythm throughout the song. I wanted to hear more of the drums, but am very impressed by the song’s guitar playing. I think if you just isolated the guitar, you’d be amazed at the virtuoso riffs. I went back to the guitar time and again while listening. Each time I felt like the song really takes on a whole other level of greatness with the electric guitar. I don’t think the movement of the song, the overall feeling would be the same acoustically. I’m not saying it would change the song dramatically, it might not. For me, I felt like the up tempo approach worked – it created a grander sense of that ‘cowgirl’ or ‘country’ scene. I think the lyrics are spot-on and to-the-point, but the backing music presents a scene-stealing idea of a young woman or woman that is more rebellious. She’s a lady of the land, someone who chases her own dreams. She also inspires ones around her and makes them better – Allen is sure proud of this woman.

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I’m anxious to hear more music from Allen and will be adding him to my list of ‘one’s to watch’. Moreover, he’s the type of writer and singer that I’m sure will continue to challenge himself in the music department just as much as he does in the lyric department. I’d like to hear some deeper-meaning lyrics in the future, but for now “You’re My Little Cowgirl” does the trick.

Clay Burton

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